Every day, during the competitions, will be organized an excursions to the most interesting pleases. The tour operator “Polly” – is going to be responsible.

You can see here:

1) Sunevir lake (photo)

2) Deer farm. (photo)

3) Shenborn castle (photo), Palanok castle (photo)

4) Beregovo – thermals (photo)

5) Uzghorod – old cit, churches, museums, castle. (photo)

In the evening:

1) Party “Disco fly”, funny paragliding contests.

2) Competition “The best paragliding video” “The best paragliding photo”. Rules see here: Video: max. 06:00 min. Format MPEG, AVI/ Photo: Format JPEG. Every pilot can use only 6 photoes and specifically in such a tematic:1)group of pilots; 2) single; 3) on the earth; 4) in the sky; 5) photo ang the name of it. 6) the best of Your paragliding photo.

3) Evening songs with a guitar.

4) Pilaw Party.

5) Para - Fashion Week. We welcome all the designers and dealers with the production.